The Best Way to Keep a Door Open

Doors left open do not typically stay wide open. They may close a little due to wind, decorations placed on the door, the way the house tilts, or pets brushing past the edge. In most cases, that is not a problem because the door will open wider with minimal pressure. It becomes a problem when the door is heavy, has a spring attached to the mechanism, or will not stay opened at all. That can be both inconvenient and dangerous. Bringing in groceries, for example, is a hassle if people have to set down the bags to re-open the door during each trip from the car. Carrying in furniture requires the door to be wide open to avoid injury.

There are several ways to keep a door open depending on the size of the door, the type of floor surface, and the room available between the door and any obstacles. A lightweight door on a wood surface can be kept open with a decorative door stop, a book, a shoe, or a plant. A heavy door on concrete will require something bigger, such as a cinder block, or heavy-duty door stop. Basic rubber door stops are often useless because they are thin, they slide, and are easily moved. Heavy decorative door stops may be more successful at holding the door open, but can be rather large and easy to trip over when entering the doorway.

The best way to keep any type of door open is with a unique door stop that is wide, durable, and designed to be used on any flooring surface. It is made of commercial grade rubber instead of just hard plastic so it will not flatten over time. It will also not scratch any flooring material, including wood, tile, carpet, concrete, or brick steps. The product comes with a lifetime guarantee. Customers have indicated that the stop, available as a single item and in multiple unit packages, has many other creative uses. Leveling plant pots, fixing a wobbly table on the patio, and keeping storage totes in place in the basement are a few examples provided in customer reviews. Avoid hitting an elbow on that closing door, or the balancing act of opening a door with arms full of groceries, by getting a door stop that will not fail.