Practical and Helpful Tips:

A Guide to Writing an Email Resignation Letter

Americans tend to stay in a particular job for less than five years at a time, according to research. An average American can anticipate working in a minimum of eight jobs during his or her life, if the trend in employee tenure continues. If you have no intentions of staying at your first place of work for your entire life, you may want to consider resigning as an ideal option. We are living in a digital world, and therefore there is no need to write a formal letter. What that you need to know about writing an email resignation letter will be discussed in this work.

First and foremost you have to know who to send the resignation email to. The recipient of the email should be established even before preparing the draft. Usually the email is addressed to your current boss. The CEO is mainly the boss in most structures of modern organizations. Nonetheless, the line manager will deal with your resignation issues depending on the position you occupy in the company. In addition, you should email copies of the resignation letter to the HR department for the reasons of informing them about your resignation. Since you will not access your work email for much longer, it is crucial that you send a copy to your personal email.

Unless you have agreed to a contract stating otherwise, resignation does not have a minimum notice period. The standard is that you give notice of two weeks. This is because you may want to leave on good terms. After all you may need your current employer to be your referee for the next job. For that reason, you may want them to get a replacement for you before you go. Make the subject of the email very clear.

It is important that you maintain a professional standard when designing the resignation email. This means that you should be nice regardless of the circumstances, which have forced you to want to leave your current position. It is always best to extend gratitude to your employer for availing a chance for you to work with them.

Finally be brief and to the point. Ask what you have to ask now because it is the opportunity to do so. This may, for instance, involve your last pay. It is for this reason that it becomes essential to leave behind your contacts in instances of uncompleted business with the organization. Moreover, the company you are leaving may feel the need to get to you in the future. Seeing out your notice is the final step after you have completed writing your resignation email.