Considerations Involving Hardwood Floor Refinishing in an Old Home

People who buy a wonderful older home may love the wood floors while also feeling dismayed about their relatively poor appearance. They imagine someone with hardwood floor refinishing being able to rejuvenate those lovely home features, bringing back the shine and eliminating scratches, uneven color and worn spots.

Wear and Tear

It may have been nearly impossible for the families who resided in these houses to prevent damage to the wood. Furniture can scrape along the floor when it’s being moved. Dogs clatter across the room with their sharp toenails. People track in sandy grit with their shoes and kids spill water and soft drinks. Heavy objects fall down and things with sharp edges also hit the floor. As the years go by, these events take their toll and the floor begins to look very old and unattractive. It’s very durable, but it’s not invincible.

Planning the Color

One of the main considerations when planning for refinishing involves thinking about color. If the wood has been stained, that color will be removed during the refinishing process. It’s not always easy to tell if stain was ever applied, but the technicians will be able to determine this. One sign is that the flooring is very dark in color, which is unusual for natural wood floors.

Removing a prior dark stain obviously means that the wood will be lighter. The homeowners might prefer this, and they also have the option to select a new finish. That hue does not have to be the same in all the rooms. It should be noted that staining the floors will add to the cost of the project.

The Need for TLC

Hardwood flooring can be one of the highlights in a home. It does occasionally need some extra tender loving care to restore it to its early beauty. A relatively minor refinishing project can be accomplished if there are no significantly worn areas, noticeable dents or deep scratches. However, many homes that are more than 100 years old have never had the wood floors redone and will need more extensive work by a contractor such as Tadas Wood Flooring.